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Are you interested in becoming a Double Up market or helping spread the word? Below are some ways you can get involved. Have other ideas or questions? Email or call us at 888-983-4400!


Spread the Word

  • Double Up’s success is grounded in a network of partners who help spread the word. We have a variety of downloadable outreach materials available online including posters and regional flyers. Check them out in Resources or email us for copies.


  • We are growing our network of Double Up volunteers. From connecting with shoppers to introducing community organizations to the program, there are many opportunities to get involved. Email us to learn more!

Become a Double Up Location

  • Thank you for your interest in participating in New Mexico’s Double Up Food Bucks program! We are honored to work with 80 outlets across New Mexico. Read below about the application process and eligibility requirements, check out our FAQ, or email Sarah Thompson, Double Up Food Bucks Program Manager, to learn how to become a Double Up market!

How to Apply & Eligibility:

SNAP Eligibility

Before a farmers’ market, farm stand, grocery store, or any other sales outlet becomes a Double Up Food Bucks participating outlet, the outlet must have a USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Permit.

Double Up Food Bucks Program Eligibility

  • Outlet managers must be comfortable using email regularly and signing into websites for required reporting.
  • All participating outlets must be members in good standing of the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association (NMFMA). Learn about the NMFMA membership here. For further assistance with membership, email Membership Coordinator Catherine Baca.
  • Interested new outlets must attend the Double Up Food Bucks training at the NMFMA Annual Conference each winter.
  • All participating outlets must have a bank account in the business’s name.
  • The outlet’s FNS Permit must be submitted to the Double Up Food Bucks program manager by May 31 to be considered for participation in the current year’s program. Outlets that receive FNS Permits after May 31 will be invited to join the Double Up Food Bucks program during the following year.
  • First year farmers’ markets may be asked to offer SNAP for a period of one year before accepting Double Up Food Bucks, at the Double Up Food Bucks program managers’ discretion.
  • To apply for the program, outlets that are interested in participating in Double Up Food Bucks should fill out the Double Up Food Bucks New Outlet Application. Once the form is filled out, email Sarah Thompson, Double Up Food Bucks Program Manager, to let her know you’ve completed the application. 
  • The NMFMA may reject applications for the Double Up Food Bucks program at its discretion.
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